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Master Trappers Book & Art Print
Dive into the history and reflections of some of the most influential trappers of all time!
Join well known outdoorsman Tom Miranda as he tells the stories of the "Master Trappers". The book begins in the infancy of the North America's exploration and chronicles the men who build the trapping industry from the native trappers to French Traders weaving a history through the mountain men, pioneer trappers, cottage industry trappers and much more.
Learn the evolution of trapping technique and theory, with detailed biographies of many of the most productive and innovative trappers of all time. Some biographies & trappers included are: Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Jedediah Smith, Hugh Glass, Hudon's Bay Co., Newhouse, Dailey, Butcher, Arnold, Harding, Lenon, Hawbaker, Nelson and many, many more. The knowledge and history in this book is mind boggling!
Artfully woven through the text is a detailed biography of Tom Miranda, from his schoolboy trapline days to flying his South Dakota long-line and subsequent rise to ESPN Outdoor TV fame and bowhunting career.
Master Trappers may be the most comprehensive trapping book written in the last 50 years.
Illustrations and cover art by FFG artist Joe Goodman.


We still have Master Trapper books! However the "Introductory Sale price" has expired.

A special Limited Edition print series of the cover art by Joe Goodman has been produced as well. The image depicts a young Tom Miranda at his Michigan trappers cabin, with E.J. Dailey, a young Stanley Hawbaker, & "Bear Claw" Chris Lapp looking down from the mountains above.
13" X 17" size, signed and numbered edition of just 350 prints, suitable for framing. All prints personally signed by the artist and Tom Miranda!
Sure to become a collector's item.
Companion "Master Trappers" Art Print

Unsigned Book Only

$65.00 - Print Only
The first 300 books will have a special numbered book plate on the inside, and will be signed by both Joe and Tom Miranda as a special "Artist's Edition". Only low number books remain.
Be one of the lucky few to have one of the first 300 Master Trappers books plus the Master Trappers Art Print with matching numbers!

These will soon be sold out & become collector's items. Get yours before they are gone!

$110.00 - Book & Print Combo
Book Plate
Pay separate s&h
Pay separate s&h

Art Print

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Only very low numbers remain. Please call for pricing & availability.
Only very low numbers remain. Please call for pricing & availability.